What is English Country Dancing?

Elements of English Country Dance

Dances from Pride and Prejudice

English Country Dancing Before Playford

Playford 1651 (1st edition)

Playford 1653

The Dancing Master, 1651-1728

Reconstructing an English Country Dance from Playford

British Library Music Collections

English Country Dance Diagrams for Beginners

Notes on Teaching Beginners

Instructions for Specific Dances

English Country Dance Music

Hear The Music Play /
Guide to Music Teaching and Equipment Sources

English Country Dance Terms with Sound and Animation

Estienne's Country Dance Book

The English Regency Explained

Palmer's Pocket Playford

The Country Dance Book

ECD Database

Tune Database

Early American Secular Music Database

ECD page at NEFFA Linkfest

Williamsburg Heritage Dancers

Vaughn Williams Memorial Library

Where on the West Coast

Country Dance and Song Society

West Coast English Country Dance Events

California Contra/English Country Dance Schedule

The Lively Arts History Association ("LAHA")

Mendocino English Country Dance

San Diego English Country Dancing

Bay Area (San Francisco & environs) Country Dance Society

Santa Barbara Friends of English Dance

South Bay ECD

Friends of the English Regency

Portland, Oregon ECD

ECD - The English Country Dance Mailing List

Where For Travelers


Australia - Earthly Delights

London, England - Wednesday Workshops

London, Ontario, Canada

Baltimore Folk Music Society

Cammy's Dance and Music (Watertown, MA)

CDS Boston Centre English Dance Program

Central Illinois English Country Dancers

Connecticut (New Haven)

Delaware Valley ECD
(Philadelphia PA/Princeton NJ)

Florida - Jacksonville and St. Augustine
(with contact links for other Florida areas)

Nederlandse Volksdans

New Hampshire English Country Dance Society

Elegant Arts Society
(NY and Northeastern US)

Northern New Jersey English Country Dancers

Pennsylvania - Carlisle

Philadelphia - Germantown Country Dancers

English Country Dancing in Pittsburgh

Rappahannock Colonial Heritage Society
(Fredericksburg, Virginia)

Rensselaer, New York English Country Dances

Scotland - Glasgow and Edinburgh

St. Louis, Missouri English Country Dancers

Toronto, Canada

An Introduction to Baroque Dance Steps for use in Country Dancing

Washington, D. C.

White Plains, N.Y. English Country Dancing

Windsor, Canada

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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