The music for this dance will be found in Curwen's Edition, No. 5675, price 1s.

This dance dates back as far as Henry VII It is one of a numerous class in which as many as will can take part.

Standing all in one line, facing the audience, the ladies on the one side, the gentlemen on the other.


64 bars. The centre lady and gentleman set to each other, they go forward two steps and back two steps, then holding right hands they balancé towards each other and away, and turn, then both do small Pas de Basque step on to the next one; this takes 8 bars. The first time the centre couple dance together, the second time the 1st lady dances with the 2nd man, the 2nd lady with the 1st man; third time, 1st lady with 3rd man, 1st man with 3rd lady, and so on to the end of the line; all are now dancing; the fourth time, 1st lady and 1st man dance with the 4th lady and 4th man, the 2nd and 3rd ladies dance together, and the 2nd and 3rd men. This is the half of the figure. Now the first couple turn and work back to their places, dancing in the same way as before to every one up the line, and at the fourth time (instead of the first time), the centre couple are back in their places and dance together. In the first half all begin with right feet -and give right hands. In the second half all begin with left feet and left hands.


64 bars. The first couple turn and set to each other, one step forward with right, one step back with the left foot, link right arms, and change places with each other.

All link arms in a line, all go forward with the right foot, swinging the left, two steps forward thus, and two steps back. (See Photograph.)

First couple repeat this all up and down the line, changing one place up or down each time. All link arms and go forward in one long line, swinging the leg well off the ground in between each set.


32 bars. The centre couple, as in the first figure, go forward and back twice, then give right hands to each other and dance the Hey or Chain, the lady going down to the end of the gentlemen's line, the gentleman to the end of the ladies' line. Every couple now repeats this in turn, dancing forward and back, and then dancing the Chain to the end of the line until all the ladies end on the gentlemen's side and the gentlemen on the ladies'.

For performance, the lady at the end of the line leads out. All, holding hands, dance gaily off stage.

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